How is the data collected through Photo Radar or other automated tools and technology used?

Automated tools and the regular deployment of technology like Photo Radar increase the ability to collect traffic information that normal traditional techniques do not.

Information collected through tools such as radar or laser equipment allow communities to look at statistical data that provides for better opportunities to address areas of concern. Whether its speeds along a road way, through school zones or intersection violations.

Electronic tools not only assist in the immediate notification of a violation, but they also have the ability to collect valuable ongoing traffic information.

Sharing data between municipalities also assists in targeting repeat offenders across multiple jurisdictions.

Since the Photo Enforcement Program began in July 2009, a total of 27,895 tickets have been issued (as of December, 2013).

  • 90% of all violations have been paid
  • Only 2% of these were withdrawn for one reason or another
  • Only .003% of the tickets issued were quashed by the Courts.
  • Majority of violations going through the court system are being upheld as the program is seen as valid.

Audits completed through the Alberta Solicitor General’s Office have also demonstrated that Morinville does work within the guidelines developed by the Province of Alberta and in most areas it was found to exceed many of the requirements.

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