Morinville, through its TAC went through a process of gathering information from the community regarding traffic safety issues. Information was obtained from residents through a survey available on the town website and during an open house where Council, Senior Administration and members of TAC were present to hear residents’ concerns and have guided TAC to date. 2014 saw the addition of a Town Councillor and revision of the Terms of Reference.

The First Annual Report was completed in 2013 which identified concerns and projects being addressed by the TAC.


Primary Focus

Based on the review of all information gathered by Administration and the TAC, the following five categories have been identified as the primary areas to focus efforts on:







2014 Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Report


In 2012, the Morinville Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee (TAC) gathered information through an online survey and at an open house which was attended by residents, Council, Senior administration and TAC members.

Subsequently, the town, in partnership with Alberta Transportation, developed a HWY 642 Functional Plan Study (FPS) which provided law enforcement, businesses, various organizations and residents with opportunities to express concerns and provide comment with regards to road safety in relation to Morinville’s primary east-west

roadway, locally known as 100 Avenue (HWY 642). The Functional Plan Study also provided the town with the opportunity to obtain traffic count flow information along HWY 642 at all major intersections and collision statistics from the Morinville RCMP in relation to non-injury collisions for a two year period and the fatal/injury collision rate for a file year period.

2013 Traffic & Pedestrian Safety Report

Alberta Solicitor General Traffic Enforcement Guidelines



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