Subdivision is the process used to divide a parcel of land into two or more separate parcels of land, or to otherwise change the boundaries of existing parcels.

All proposed subdivisions are reviewed for their conformance with the Subdivision Regulations in the Morinville Land Use Bylaw by the Planning & Economic Development Department, acting as Morinville’s Subdivision Authority.  Certain applications may require review by the Municipal Planning Commission.

A complete subdivision application must include:

Please contact Planning & Economic Development for more information.

All Subdivision & Endorsement Fees are provided in our Fee Schedule.

Condominium Conversions

The process of converting an existing building into a condominium (where separate certificates of title are issued for each unit and other areas of the building and all bare land is common property) does not require subdivision approval, however the registration must first be endorsed by the municipality.  This process does not require the involvement of the Municipal Planning Commission.

A complete condominium conversion application must include:

Note that a complete Subdivision Application must be submitted for any bare land condominium plan, conversion of surface parking stalls, etc.

Tentative Plan Minimum Standards

Preference is given to a Tentative Plan of Subdivision prepared by an Alberta Land Surveyor, however any other Tentative Plan of Subdivision will be accepted provided it is presented in a legible scale and clearly identifies:

  • The legal location and context of the proposed subdivision,
  • The legal description of the land,
  • Lot locations and dimensions (including perimeters, width, depth, and area),
  • All easements, utility right-of-ways and surface infrastructure,
  • Location of environmental features, and
  • Existing buildings.

Tentative Plans are preferred on 11” x 17” paper size where legibility allows.

Please note that an Alberta Land Surveyor will be required to prepare a final Plan of Subdivision for registration with Land Titles.


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