Roads, Sidewalks & Trails

The Public Works Department clears snow and ice off sidewalks adjacent to Town owned property, trails and town managed parking lots. The Department manages a fleet of sidewalk and trail clearing equipment that is sent out in conjunction with street clearing equipment. Ice control will be provided on an ongoing basis during snowfalls, frost, freezing rain or any other event that may be dangerous to pedestrians.

Homeowner Responsibility - Residential Sidewalks Snow and Ice Removal

The Town of Morinville Traffic Safety Bylaw #24-2012 describes in detail the rules for keeping sidewalks clear of snow, ice, dirt, debris or other materials. Sections 203 and 709 of the bylaw are referred to by residents on a regular basis. In summary:


Movable signs prohibiting parking for the purpose of snow removal, street cleaning, flushing or road repair shall be posted 24 hours prior to the commencement of work being done.

Section 709 SNOW, ICE, DIRT AND DEBRIS REMOVAL describes that snow, ice, dirt and debris:

  • Must be removed and cleared off of the part of the sidewalk adapted for the use of pedestrians
  • Must be removed (to bare pavement) within 72 hours of deposit thereon
  • Failure to comply can result in the municipality clearing the sidewalk and charging the cost to the homeowner
  • Must be cleared away and not deposited on adjoining property or roadway
  • Removed from other public places within the Municipality may not be placed elsewhere in the Municipality other than their own
Free Sand

A yellow box containing sand is available for residents to assist in controlling the buildup of ice on sidewalks adjacent to their property. The box is located outside the fenced area at the Public Works Yard located at (10102-107 Street). Residents must supply their own pails and shovels. Please note this product is not intended for commercial use. 
Homeowner Responsibility -Residential Sidewalks Snow and Ice Removal

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