Permits & Licences

If you are planning to open a new business in Morinville or relocate or expand your existing business in Morinville, the following steps will help guide you through the process leading up to a new business licence or changes to your current business:


Select a Location and Confirm Land Use Districting (zoning)

Prior to signing a lease or purchasing land for a resident (local) business, you should confirm that your desired business location conforms to the business types allowed in that area.  Confirm that the Land Use Districting (zoning) is suitable to your business type by clicking here to review the Land Use Districting requirements or by contacting Planning & Economic Development.


Apply for Development Permit

Prior to applying for a business licence, you will need to determine if a development permit is required or not.  Development permits may be required for a resident business if:

  • The business is new or relocated and the land use has not previously been approved for the business location
  • The business is new or relocated and the business type, as defined in the Land Use Bylaw, is changing
  • The business is expanding and the property is further developed or building additions are undertaken
  • The business is a home based business which is considered a home occupation (click here for more information)

Click here for more information on Development Permit Applications and processes.


Apply for a Business Licence

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