Richardson-300x450My name is Scott Richardson, I have been a resident of Morinville for my whole life (just over 32 years). I am happily married to my wife Ashley and we have 4 beautiful children together. Not only do I call Morinville home but it's also a place where I do business, 3+ years ago our family opened Morinville Sports Ltd. I am also an active volunteer within our community. From 2005-2008 I volunteered on the Morinville Fire Dept., I have held a verity of positions with Sturgeon Hockey Club, and I am the President of Morinville Minor Baseball where I have served on the executive board for the past 3 seasons. I now come to politics out of the love for my community and my neighbours.

With my experience I am an ideal candidate. I have a Journeyman Electrical Certificate, I am a Certified in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Processes and most currently and I am licenced to deal in mortgages in Alberta (Mortgage Broker). So how will my experiences make me an ideal candidate? I have in-depth knowledge with the Alberta codes and regulations and my expertise could be relied on when dealing with issues related. I have years of experience in policy/procedure writing and review. I have ample experience in evaluating risk and compiling a plan to eliminate or mitigate the risks and I have extensive knowledge in budgeting and forecasting. These are all key attributes for town councillor.

My want for Morinville to grow and succeed has brought me to the town council race. Over the past few years I feel that Morinville is regressing as a community, when I was a kid growing up in town we had an abundance of outdoor recreational facilities and areas we could enjoy. We are slowly losing these free to use facilities and seems the town has no plan to replace or rebuild them. This is alarming to me being that I am raising 4 kids in Morinville and this is one of the reasons why I believe that Morinville's Town Council needs to be revitalized. Morinville town council needs to be stimulated by people who bring diverse experiences and open perspectives. I will do this. I will listen to what the people of Morinville want and I will take action.

Community volunteerism and owning a local business engages me with a large population of Morinville. This engagement gives me incite to the community needs, I feel that I have a good understanding of systemic community issues people are facing. Taxes are probably in the top 3 of everyone list and the amenities the community has for the taxes we pay. We need to find a way to lessen the tax burden on our tax payers; I would do this by stimulating growth in the commercial and industrial sectors. I will work with existing business to eliminate barriers hindering growth and I will ensure the town works cohesively with the local businesses. If we strengthen our commercial and industrial sectors there will be fewer burdens on residential taxes. This will not be an easy or a quick process but I do believe it is achievable.

Morinville is a place that I love; it is a place I call home, it's where I raise my children and a place where I do business. There is no one who wants Morinville to succeed more than I do!

Councillor Richardson represents the Town of Morinville on these boards and committees:
  • Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Executive Committee (In-House)
  • Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board Land Use and Planning Growth Plan/Transportation/GIS
  • Northern Lights Library System (Alternate)
  • Traffic Advisory Committee (Alternate)
  • Bylaw and Policy Review Committee
  • Emergency Management Committee
  • Governance, Finance and Audit Committee
  • Morinville / Sturgeon Intermunicipal Affairs Committee
  • Sturgeon Regional Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Agricultural Pest Act Control Committee
  • Weed Control Act Appeal Committee
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
  • Morinville Public Library Board

Council Expenses:

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