April 19, 2016

The Town of Morinville received notification from Canada Company that the community has been selected to receive one of 250 reconditioned LAV III (Light Armored Vehicle) as part of their National LAV III Monument Program. This monument is in recognition of Canada's contribution to the Afghanistan mission.

Town Administration has been actively assisting Morinville resident and retired soldier, Trooper Jayson Wood in the application process since June of 2015. The location for the new monument is a park site on the east side of Morinville just off of Highway 642 (south side of road). In addition to the LAV III unit, plans for the site include trees, monument signage and other amenities (see attached poster & schematic drawing).

On behalf of the community, the Town is accepting monetary donations (big or small) to help make this vision a reality. Donations are needed to help with costs associated with transporting the LAV III, site development, and additional park amenities which are expected to total roughly $51,000. Any additional funding will be used towards constructing a memorial for MCpl. Byron Greff, Morinville resident and last Canadian casualty of the Afghanistan conflict. Additional funds may also be used to augment the park with additional amenities that show support to the Canadian Armed Forces.

"This new installation will be a welcome addition and will serve as a lasting and very tangible symbol of our community's unwavering support for our military members and their families," says Mayor Lisa Holmes. "We are pleased with the early interest from the community and business leaders who wish to assist in the fundraising efforts for this project."

Donations can be made at Town Hall (10125-100 Avenue, 2nd floor) Monday to Friday (except Holidays) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Donations over $25 will be issued an official tax receipt.

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